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Our work together

What is Psychotherapy & Counselling?

Both terms are often used interchangeably, and in recent years are also referred to as talking therapies.


There are many schools of thought or modalities in this field. In essence, the process aims to help us gain greater awareness of the inner belief systems at the root of our relationship with ourselves and the outside world. 

These inner belief systems usually form in our early life and can hinder our adult lives if left unexamined. Here are some examples of limiting beliefs:

  • I am not good enough.

  • I am not worthy/ deserving.

  • Life is hard.

  • I am not lovable.

  • I am a failure.

Becoming aware of our particular beliefs helps us question their validity.  We can then take steps to change our mindset to something more empowering and positive.

So how does counselling work I hear you ask?

Each of us is a unique human being, so the process will be different for everyone.  The fundamental premise is for you to feel safe and to go at your own pace. No subject is off limits, and I offer my full presence to truly hear what may be troubling you. 

If you are going through a very stressful experience then we would start by finding some simple ways to help you calm your nervous system. For many of us, our nervous systems may have been running on high alert for a long time and causing an array of symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, feeling of overwhelm and relationship difficulties. We would work together to help you to interrupt the anxiety cycle with some simple techniques.  


For some clients, that might be all they are ready for at the moment. You might however want to dive deeper into the workings of your psyche and this is where I may offer to work with guided visualisations, dreamwork, elements of gestalt therapy.

At the core of my work is my trust in the inner wisdom of my clients.  My role is to create a safe container for you to examine the unhelpful beliefs that you hold about yourself.  I hope that through our work together you experience more expansiveness, vitality and courage to create your own life.

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